Deciding whether a rescue dog is for you is sometimes difficult.

From worrying whether they have too many issues, whether they can be trained, or whether it’s a risk that little is known of their background.

Most rescue dogs are just misunderstood and dumped, or people have lost interest. The majority are the typical dogs that haven’t had boundaries put in place. [I type this as my ‘food aggressive’, attention seeking rescue girl lies peacefully asleep by my side.] The straight and narrow of it is – all dogs have their own personalities, and where lacking boundaries: their own issues. This is no different to owning a dog from a puppy – without the relevant boundaries and training, a puppy is at the same risk of developing unwanted behaviour.

Either way, as a rescue, we provide a life time support network which will always help you deal with any issues that arise. Below are some testimonies from rescue dog owners/foster homes.



Sarah Gibson
When I first started looking to rescue I was very nervous as I knew they had strict rules for the sort of homes they looked for and I wasn’t 100% sure I met the criteria. Before my homecheck I worried about the height of my fences, the amount of time I was out, what they thought about crate training etc.

I Cleaned my house from top to bottom and brushed my current dog till she was sick of me! The homechecker was lovely and I needn’t have worried. They talked me through the whole process and put my mind at ease. When a boy came in that matched our home I got the phone call.  I worried how he would get on with my girl, she was a bossy young thing and he was older and bigger than her.

My worries were alleviated seeing them get on when they initially met! Our first proper hurdle was the first night… We tried to go to bed and leave him in the kitchen with our girl. He barked for half an hour solidly before the neighbour banged on the wall with some very choice expletives. He had separation anxiety. We had gone through a small amount with my girl but because she was a puppy and the neighbours met her over the fence and were charmed by her – they were a lot more understanding. This was a large male and they were not impressed!

Poor boy would get himself into a right state just the other side of a door. Howling and pacing, digging at the door trying to get through it. Crate training him was a disaster he drooled so much he turned all his fur pink with saliva staining, and thrashed about so much he cut himself. He came with the name Shadow and that’s what he had to be… My Shadow. I had to take him with me everywhere.

My neighbours threatend to call environmental health and I was threatened with losing my house as it was rented. I rang everyone I could think of. The rescue said they would take him back but that otherwise he was very good in our home and to move him again would set him back further. We stuck at it and gradually he began to get better.

I researched through the internet and tried everything going: Kong toys, radio or tv on, thundershirts, herbal stress relief, different training and leaving techniques, anything and everything I could get my hands on. I eventually got him to the point I could leave him for a few hours to go to work…

From that needy skinny little Shadow, he has blossomed into my big Bear who is so good with anything I ask of him; as long as he is with me. This boy has climbed mountains emotionally and last year physically! We did a trek up Snowdon and Ben Nevis to raise funds for the rescue he came through! I have been through some horrible times in my life and this boy has been my constant rock. I need him as much as he needs me. He is my soul mate, best friend and best lead dog in my team!


Andrew and Sandra Lomas

“We had Xena from a puppy and soon learnt that separation anxiety is strong in this breed. We continued to do our research – with recommendations to get a second husky. We discussed for some time then fell upon STARS and like what we read. It wasn’t long until we had our home check. We were really nervous because we were interested in a dog already in foster. Unfortunately the foster home decided to keep her. How glad we were, because we then saw the very cheeky, handsome, loving and so adorable Malakai (Malcolm).

The day he arrived was so scary because he realised that he had a girl to boss around. In our garden he went for it instantly showing Xena who was boss. Sandra said my face was a picture as I was watching my little princess being bullied by this little chap however it soon settled down and they became best mates.

Then number 3 – our Blue. He would get in their faces, try to nip them and bite their legs as the other 2 would walk past him. Saying this, he has been the easiest to integrate into our pack.

Well that was until number 4 – our big clumsy donkey Zach came to us. Blue took a total dislike to him. It was like walking on egg shells for months. Constantly watching them both in readiness for a full on scrap. Blue is no match for Zach who on a number of occasion pinned Blue to the floor as he simply had enough of Blue getting in his face. We had Nick and Stacey on speed dial as we had run out of ideas to keep these 2 calm. We slept on a mattress downstairs for months as we didn’t want either one to get hurt. We followed the calming ideas from Nick, Stacey and Debbie (Zach’s foster placement). We did panic over the 4th member as we felt guilty bringing a 4th pack member and upsetting the balance. Looking back, we are so glad we did, as our family would not be complete without our 4 crazy loving monsters.

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