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Diefy-doo (as his adoptive mum likes to call him!) has come on leaps and bounds, as shown above! Dief was with a family who could no longer keep him due to ill health, so was taken in by someone who thought they could give him a great life. Unfortunately, he was too much for them, and was ready for a new home. Initally, Dief was petrified of men, especially those wearing hats, and wouldn’t let men near him. With patience and perseverance by his foster family, Dief soon overcame his obstacles, and ended up winning the hearts of his foster family who went on to adopt him!


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Malakai was one of our urgent poundies. We didn’t know much of his backstory prior to finding his way into the pound; however, his plight soon took our attention. We had been alerted that he was in the ‘final room’. A dark room, with no light, described by pound pullers as a room where the pound expects the dog to ‘give up the fight’. At under a year old, Malakai had an uncertain fate, and had one more dog been relinquished to the pound, his time was up. Fortunately, due to an excellent group of pullers, we got Malakai to safety; and as you’d guess, he was a typical, mannerless puppy! He needed a lot of training and tough love, but due to it he came on leaps and bounds. His adoptive family fell in love with him and he made his way down the length of the country to live with his final family; including his four-legged sister!


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Neo was an owner relinquish. He had very little boundaries in his original home and new how to push buttons to get what he wanted. Neo went to a home for adoption, but due to an eviction, they could no longer keep either Neo or their original resident dog. As a result, Neo returned to rescue where his behaviour was exaggerated more so due to the frequent moves. His foster home dedicated time to get this boy to behave like a proper man! Eventually, his destined home came. After a few meets, his new owner was smitten. This boy’s life has certainly been a rollercoaster, but his forever home eventually came, and he settled easier than we could have imagined. I think the love is mutual!


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We were alerted to this girl when her time in the pound was overdue. Fortunately, for her, she was in a pound that allowed extra time to find rescue space rather than so many that stick by their due date. We rushed to find her a foster space, and fortunately secured a very temporary foster space to give this girl the respite she needed. She then moved to her more permanent foster home who fell in love with this girl the minute they saw her and quite rightly moved on to ‘fail’ fostering!


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Our second in Star! Ghost was our first poundie, and one of our most urgent cases; literally pulled from the pound in the last few hours he had remaining before being put to sleep. Ghost, being a cross is not the typical ‘blue eyed’ husky that people crave, and was therefore not easy for the pounds to find a breed specific rescue to take him in. Nevertheless, a dog is a dog! If he has husky in him, he’s within our remit to save and we’ll do what we can to save those most at need. Ghost was an owner surrender, along with his brother, even though the owner was made aware that PTS was inevitable. We were fortunate that a foster home agreed to give this guy a lifeline, and we waited in anticipation for his brother to gain rescue space; offering safety if no other alternative was found. Fortunately, his brother found his safety in another great rescue!


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Another poundie (can you see the theme yet!) facing the risk of death. We had a home that saw her and instantly applied to take her in. An amazing lady stepped up to take this girl into her home, out of the risk of harm, and agreed to transport her to the agreed foster home later in the week in line with a travel commitment. Unfortunately for the foster home, we received a call saying that the transporter could not let Willow leave, as she had fallen for her. Willow has stayed put since!


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Star was our first dog as a new rescue; named quite aptly by her original owners, she was destined to be with our rescue. We were informed that she was approximately three years old, by the assessor; although pictures appeared to show her slightly older. It wasn’t until we received information from her chip that we established she was at least 11 years old! This elderly lady has been our longest serving foster dog, being in foster from February 2015 to December 2015. Star moved foster home and quickly settled into her new foster home, where it was love at first sight. After the settling in period, and the reality that there was no chance this girl was going anywhere, Star was adopted; giving her the best Christmas present she could wish for! REST IN PEACE <3


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Blue found his way into a pound at risk of being put to sleep after being picked up as a stray. Blue had a serious eye condition which resulted in his eye having to be surgically removed. Blue spent a long time waiting in his foster home for that loving forever home. His new family, and long suffering STARS foster home couldn’t see him without a home any longer! Blue is now very much loved by his adoptive home and his sister Xena and Brother Malakai who is also a STARS dog!


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Zach was another one of our many poundies. Immediately, Zach’s stunning face opened our hearts to the huge fluffball and the frenzy started for people wanting to give him a home! Zach’s life in rescue hasn’t been an easy one, but, with help the help of an amazing woman, Zach’s behavioural issues were kerbed and started to learn what being a good boy was it. Straight away, you could tell that Zach was just a dozy little (big) pup that wanted to play and love. His now forever home, followed Zach’s journey into rescue and couldn’t bear to see him with anyone else; so he is now settling with two of our other rescue boys Malakai and Blue, and his resident sister Xena!

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Oh look, a poundie! Can you see the theme here? Yes, again another dog that was at risk of death that we were fortunate enough to be able to help due to the kind hearts of our foster homes. Aiya’s looks and personality won the hearts of her foster home very quickly, and this little escape artist/dirty faced beauty was soon reserved and adopted!

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Lucy was one of our few owner relinquishes. Lucy came to us at just under five years old, and her smile and bright eyes made us fall in love immediately. This stunning girl’s owners were moving abroad and were unable to take her with them. Fortunately their loss was our gain! Lucy is now living with her her brother Bailey, and fellow STARS pup Nero!


Thor was one of our ‘pups’. At around a year old when he arrived in rescue through an owner relinquish it was evident that he wouldn’t be in foster for long – I mean, just look at him; who couldn’t fall for him?

A great couple saw Thor’s pictures and fell for him immediately. Even though they didn’t have the right fencing at the time, they made it their mission to make sure they could secure their garden, and within a few weeks were eagerly awaiting their homecheck with fencing complete. Following a successful homecheck, Thor then went on to his forever home with his new parents, and human foster sister! It didn’t take long for him to settle in, with hugs on the settee! He certainly has landed on his feet!

Mr Nero came into rescue in late 2015 and moved in with his foster sister (who had been adopted by her foster home!). With such a stunning face and personality to match, we knew it wouldn’t be long before he found himself another home. Unfortunately he didn’t quite get the loving fanbase we had expected but fortunately his foster family had fell for him like they did his sister! You came, and you never left!

Maya arrived into rescue along with her brother who she’d spent her whole life with. Immediately prior to coming into rescue Maya and her brother Kai were living in a conservatory, in the middle of summer (think of the heat!). Fortunately one of our long term foster homes offered to give them both a loving temporary home until they found their forever home. Maya and her brother are two of our longest serving foster dogs to date – not sure how, with their stunning looks and personalities! Maya eventually caught the eye of her new owners and was finally adopted and joined her humans and new brother Rex! They’ve spent plenty time getting to know each other and Maya is slowly getting her feet under the table. It’s great to see this girl loved!


Alaska had been waiting quite some time to get into rescue following a change of circumstances with her original owners. After a thorough assessment, Alaska’s beauty was shared across the Stars network and she wasn’t short of interest! A brilliant family had recently applied to adopt a dog, saw Alaska, and knew they needed to give her the home she was looking for. Within a few weeks, homechecks were complete and Alaska was on her way to her forever home. She arrived and it was as if she had been there forever. The bond between her and her new family is amazing and she’s now enjoying her new life with her younger human sister and parents!


Phoenix is one of our many poundies! Due to his colourings, Phoenix was often overlooked in the ‘black dog effect’. Fortunately we had the opportunity to give this big guy a rescue space and he was swiftly taken to his temporary foster home. It didn’t take long for his charm and looks to rub off on a great family who already had dogs from similar backgrounds! After a chance to get to know him, Phoenix was eventually travelling to his forever home where he’d join his new brother Duke, and fellow STARS sister Luna!


Lula came into rescue and direct into a foster home who wanted to adopt. Due to their own personal circumstances, Lula was returned to the rescue and was timid and petrified. Through her transport from Reading to North East England, Lula’s journey was assisted by a number of volunteers – one of which, was to be Lula’s forever home! Within seconds of her leaving the hands of one volunteer, a call came in to say they had fell for her and would love to give her the forever home she deserves – an offer we couldn’t refuse! Lula continued her journey up the country and spent a couple of weeks coming out of her shell and understanding that the world isn’t a bad place. Lula then made her final journey to her forever home – joining her STARS family Luna and Phoenix – and honorary brother Duke!


Kai – the fluffier, dafter half of Kai and Maya! Both him and his sister were living in a conservatory, in the middle of summer. Kai was offered the safety of a long term foster home where he spent the better part of a year before finding a loving home. Maya moved on to her forever home and settled, but Kai still waited for his. Eventually the interest was shown in Kai, and after successfully passing the homecheck, his forever home was found! To date, Kai is the ‘longest serving foster’ meaning he has spent the most time in a foster home, prior to getting to his forever home. He has brought his new home so much joy, and they’ve given him so much love in turn!


Shadow was offered a rescue space following the successful application of his new foster home. Shadow had a snotty nose and some respiratory difficulty, improved by steroids. After a rocky patch when he first came in, Shadow is doing much better with his breathing! Like most of our foster families, Shadow’s fell in love with him and knew they couldn’t see him anywhere else. Shadow’s feet and fluffy-ness weren’t going anywhere!


Bridget came into rescue and into her foster home. Unfortunately, the foster home decided not to abide by the rescue rules and put Bridget at significant risk. As a result, Bridget was urgently taken in by one of our regular foster homes. With oodles of personality, Bridget immediately brought a shine to the foster home and dug her claws in their hearts! Bridget eventually found the correct, loving home she deserved!

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