Rainbow Bridge

Rescue is about helping dogs, bringing them from whatever life they previously had, and hopefully turning that into a great one.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have that luxury, and our hearts ache when such a simple act can’t happen, or is short lived.

This page pays tribute to those dogs that are no longer with us, but felt love when it mattered.



STARS Girl:  November 2015 – March 2016


Alaska was one of our many poundies. We managed to get her safe into a great foster home to ready her for her forever home. Whilst there, it became apparent that Alaska had kennel cough, and commenced treatment immediately to help her get over it.

Her foster home quickly fell in love with her, and knew they couldn’t let her move on.

Over the coming weeks, Alaska’s symptoms didn’t improve, and she was taken for further tests.

Alaska unfortunately had lung cancer and at the stage she was at it was untreatable. Given that Alaska was deteriorating at a rapid speed, the kindest course of action was agreed by her adoptive home, vet advice, and the rescue to let Alaska go on her final journey.

We are devastated that we have had to experience this with one of our dogs; especially a dog with mountains of character that you could so easily fall in love with. She will be sorely missed by her family who gave her a wonderful life, with so much love, in the limited time that she spent in rescue.



STARS Girl:  March 2015 – December 2016

Star was our very first dog to come into rescue, and it couldn’t have been a better match given that she was already the perfect little girl, with the perfect name.

Being the ripe age of 11, Star was looking for an easy life and a place to rest her head for her retirement years.

After spending an extended period in foster, she was introduced to her to-be owner, Arlene, whilst on a husky group walk. As the cliche goes – it was love at first site.

Star moved to her forever home as a foster initially at the end of 2015 and was officially adopted on Christmas day! Who could have asked for a bette present!

Star couldn’t have asked for a better home – with plenty of walks and a calm environment to rest her head.

Unfortunately, Star suffered a minor seizure in November, and after a vet check, with bloods taken nothing showed up and it was hoped that it was just a one off. Sadly, in January 2017 Star had a further seizure and was rushed to emergency vets. It was agreed, in the presence of her loving owner, that it was her time to move on to a better place.

Thank you for enriching our lives while you were here Star – sleep tight.


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