Death Row Dogs


I’m Malakai, and this is my story…

Being only a year old, life should have been full of fun, play, and daft husky puppy behaviour; unfortunately for me, this wasn’t the case.

At just under a year old, when I should be with a loving family, with oodles of cuddles and pictures adorning my family’s Facebook walls saying ‘Look what he’s done now!’, I found myself in a rather different environment.

I somehow made my way into kennels; kennels that put to sleep dogs when they reach capacity. Anyway, I arrived, with little known about who I was, and without a name. I was assigned the name Norman for my stay.

I sat for days, petrified in this unknown environment, wondering if I would ever find a family that loved me.

I could see other dogs crying, howling, and cowering with the same uncertainty as I felt. Although we were all distressed, it was somewhat comforting to have fellow canine company.

After a few days, I was collected from my kennel. Ecstatic at the thought of getting out of this nightmare, I jumped, bounced and licked my ‘rescuer’; however, all wasn’t as it seemed.

I was taken to a dark room, where the smell of death lingered in the air. I was petrified. I heard the people talking saying that if another of us needed space, there would be no option for me other than to go to sleep; I’m sick of sleeping, that’s all I do these days. That’s when it happened……………………

I was free! I was escorted from the room, and taken to an awaiting car. A lady was waiting, and I could tell immediately that she was safe.

I am now happily spending my days with my foster family; including my four legged foster brother and sister.

All I need now is my forever home…

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