Available Dogs

Below is a slide of all the dogs available (to cycle through, click the small circles at the top of the picture or use the arrow buttons on the side).

Each dog has it’s own individual page which is found under the ‘Our Dogs’ section, if you want to read a little more about them!





Under Assessment – All dogs that come into the rescue must be with their foster home for a minimum of four weeks to ‘understand’ them prior to going to their home. This will help us build up a picture about them, and ensure that we can ensure they both fit into their forever home, and their forever home is the perfect place for them!

Reserved – This is most commonly used when a fosterer has turned into a ‘failed fosterer’ (i.e. decided to adopt their foster dog) and have placed a deposit on them.

Available – These dogs have served their four week assessment period and are now available for adoption!






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