How Can I Help?

What does it cost per dog?

Before a dog is adopted, the rescue ensures that dogs receive all medical treatment needed.

Sponsor a Dog

As with most charities, one of the best ways to support us is to sponsor a dog. This allows you to make a monthly donation of your choice, to support the financial upkeep of the rescue. A monthly donation of as little as £1 can go a long way!

The bonus to these monthly donations is that they are non-contractual and can therefore be cancelled at any time by stopping the payment via PayPal/bank.

Amazon smile!

‘What is Amazon Smile?’

Amazon Smile is a fundraising tool that is utilised when you purchase products via Amazon’s website. Amazon Smile will donate a small percentage of your purchase to a worthy cause like STARS Rescue at no extra cost to you.

If you sign up at the link below they will donate a percentage of the amount you spend each time and it comes directly from Amazon at no extra cost to you!

Once you’ve done signed up, you can shop on Amazon as you usually would, but in the knowledge that your purchases also help us raise money!



‘What is Easyfundraising?’

Similar to Amazon Smile, this is a donation tool that works across various sites that you shop with. When shopping online, it allows you to make donations on each purchase you make. Once again, this does not cost you anything above your normal purchases.

Got a big holiday coming up? Make sure you use Easyfundraising! The bigger the percentage, the bigger the donation!

Once you’ve signed up to support us, why not download their toolbar that pops up any time you are on a site that easyfundraising are partnered with – that way, you’ll never miss an opportunity to raise money for us! Just follow the link below to install the browser toolbar.

Hands On


As a rescue that runs primarily online, without local kennels to assist in the rehoming and rehabilitation of the dogs in our care, we rely on generous people to open their homes, and hearts, to one, or many, dogs in need! Whilst fostering, all vets bills etc will be covered by the rescue (where approved). All that we ask is you treat the dog as if it was your own, give them a loving temporary home, and give us regular updates on how they’re     progressing. In return, we’ll offer you on hand support, whenever you need it!

Please complete our homecheck form if you are interested in fostering.



As with all rescues, our end goal is to rescue a dog, assess it, and once prepared, have it adopted to a loving, forever home. We guarantee a full assessment of the behaviour, character of the dog, prior to adoption; and the dog will be suited to your home. For instance, if the dog has not been assessed around children, we would not allow adoption to a home with young children; but would instead find a more suitable dog. The adoption donation is £200, but this alone will not cover the to rescue and rehabilitate one dog. Your loving, new family member will come with rescue back up for life, meaning that if your circumstances were to change in the future, the dog would always have a safe home back in rescue.

Please complete our homecheck form if you are interested in adopting.


If you can help with any of the below, please visit our ‘Volunteer Form



In order to ensure that we place our dogs in suitable homes; for the safety of all involved,  individuals must undergo a homecheck. This is not to scare the potential new home, as the questions we ask are very much to ensure that the safety, and care commitments of all involved.



As mentioned above, as we operate primarily online, it is not uncommon for a foster home to be at the complete opposite end of the country from the forever home. As a result, we will do whatever we can to transport the pup to their forever home. Transporters are one of our most important people, as without them, we couldn’t get our dogs to their final destination.

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