Name: Bandit

DOB: 2008

Likes : Eating, playing, sleeping, walking

Dislikes : Younger children, sharing his human with other dogs (although learning!)

Status : Available for adoption

Neutered: Yes

Children : Teens

House trained: Yes Basic commands: Yes

Bandit is a big boy, with a big personality who acts younger than his age.

Bandit likes to be on the go all the time. He loves going out in the car or just plodding around the local area. Locals often look out for him to make a fuss!
Bandit has an almost permanent wagging tail, he really enjoys interacting with everyone. He also wants to interact with every dog but unfortunately though he has a waggy tail he has to tell them that he wants to make friends which most dogs find a bit overwhelming.

At home Bandit loves his cuddles but doesn’t like sharing his human with the other dogs in the house. Although, he is learning that he has to share, he will go off in a grump and have a moan.

Bandit loves his tennis ball and will bring it to you to throw it or try to get you to chase him when he has his ball.

At treat time Bandit will sit and wait patiently. He also sits and gives his paw before his food bowl is put down.

He can be a bit of a grump at times, but a treat to coerce him works wonders!

Bandit loves his walks, he really enjoys exploring the beach and the woods but he is also happy just to plod around anywhere as he just likes being out. Bandit is really enjoying paddling in the sea, ponds and streams.

You do not need to have Husky experience to become a STARS home but you do need plenty of knowledge so please research the breed if you haven’t already, if you would like to chat with us about the breed or just show off your own dogs head over to our Forum!

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