STARS Rescue is a breed specific Siberian Husky rescue (Registered Charity Number – 1167224) set up to combat the ever increasing number of dogs that are being relinquished or dumped within pounds across the United Kingdom.

Our name simply stands for: Siberian Transformation, Appeal, Rescue & Support.


It is believed, that the increasing number of huskies finding their way into rescue is a direct result of high profile television series/films including Game of Thrones, Twilight etc.

Unfortunately the typical piercing blue eyes, and the soft, furry looking coats attract people, who have not done sufficient research into the traits and characteristics of the breed.

Initially part of another rescue; the founders set out to provide an additional route of safety having been part of a rescue team for over a year; and involved within rescue for even longer.


Many dogs that come through rescue will have various issues.  This can be from something as simple as toilet training requirements, to severe separation anxiety or food aggression.  Each dog, prior to coming into the care of STARS, will be assessed to rate the suitability for being rehomed.  The ‘assessment’ is simply to gauge the dogs temperament around people, children and other dogs (where appropriate).

STARS will ultimately try to help any dog that requires it; however, we unfortunately cannot help all dogs; and those that are severely aggressive are beyond our help.  If we had the time, and unlimited funds, we would put our effort into helping every dog, but this just is not feasible.  That being said, we will do our best to provide rescue to any other dog that requires it. Part of the rescue’s job is to support the transformation of a dog.  From personal experience, STARS staff have helped dogs that have suffered severe separation anxiety, food aggression, being abused, those from bad breeding lines etc which all now live happily as family members within our homes.


In order to help more huskies, as a rescue we must appeal to you, the general public.  We operate by taking dogs into home checked foster homes. These people must be knowledgeable on the breed, and prepared to open their home to house a dog for an indefinite period of time.


STARS Rescue guarantees to provide rescue backup for life.

What does rescue back up mean?

Rescue back up means that a dog will have rescue support for the entirety of its life.  This means that should the forever home no longer be able to keep the STARS dog, the rescue promises to take the dog back into rescue and place with another suitable home.  This means that the dog will never fall into the wrong hands, and therefore will always have a happy life; wherever they are.

Rescue will be provided to any dog that we can suitably house.  Similarly, the amount of dogs we can help will only be limited by the amount of foster homes that are prepared to take on a Star.

Rescue dogs will come from owner relinquishes, or from urgent pound responses where they are imminently due to be put to sleep.  As such, each dog that comes through our door will be unique to the next; from age, colour, temperament, sex etc.

No dog will be overlooked due to age, or any other characteristic.

Dogs with known illnesses which require regular medication, that would ultimately become the responsibility of the rescue, will be considered on its own circumstances.  Although we would like to help all dogs, our funds will heavily determine whether we will be able to give assistance to dogs requiring regular medical help.


Although we are a rescue, taking in dogs comes hand in hand with support. That goes for people who foster our dogs, have adopted one of our dogs, or any member of the public needing advice or support with their own dog.  Ultimately, we want to ensure everyone can enjoy their furry family member, and make the most out of the time we have with them.

At STARS Rescue we will support you through any issues you are having with your dog, and where we don’t know the answer, we’ll point you in the right direction of someone that does!

Don’t be afraid to ask!

No question is a silly question – We all started somewhere! Everyone has gained their knowledge over time, and have had to ask those ‘silly’ questions.  We advocate a supportive community, and will not tolerate sniping and unnecessary abuse of members; especially when they’re asking for help.

As always, not everyone wants to ask their questions so publicly; and therefore if you’d rather keep your queries more private, feel free to private message a member of the team on Facebook (link on the banner at the top of the screen), or send us an email to discuss any of your queries.

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