Name : Skye

DOB:  3/3/2015

Likes : Fuss, playing, walking

Dislikes : Babies/toddlers, noises, sudden movement, fireworks

Status : Coming in to rescue 15/12/18

Location:  North Shields

Please note, location is not an issue, we provide transport once a home check has been passed.

Entire: No 

Children :  6+ (sensible, calm children)

House trained:  Yes

Basic commands: Yes

Meet Skye!
Skye is an independent loving, cheeky, adventurous and bossy little madam!
She adores playing with toys, sunbathing, swimming and the snow!
She can be dominant when playing and living with other dogs but is overall a lovely girl.
Skye loves getting into mischief and loves to steal your teddy bears!
Skye does suffer with separation anxiety so she does need to be rehomed with other dogs to help this.  Her buddy Shadow recently came in to rescue so we would like to help Skye as quickly as possible so she doesn’t spend too much time alone!
Skye unfortunately is feeling very uncomfortable in the home since her owner had a baby, this has got worse since the baby has started crawling.  Skye is very nervous of the baby so chooses not to be in the same room as the baby, for this reason Skye needs to be rehomed with children 6 and up who are calm and used to dogs, Skye does not show any aggression to babies she is just not comfortable being around them.
Skye is very gentle and relaxed around older children.
Skye will easily fit into any home that meets her needs.
You do not need to have Husky experience to become a STARS home but you do need plenty of knowledge so please research the breed if you haven’t already, if you would like to chat with us about the breed or just show off your own dogs head over to our Forum!
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