Name : Simba

Age: 4 years old

Features: Bi-eyed

Likes : Fuss, cuddles, attention, play

Dislikes : Not much

Status : Under assessment

Location – Wales

Please note, location is not an issue, we provide transport once a home check has been passed.

Entire: Yes

Children : Good, has regular contact with children under 10.

House trained: Yes

Basic commands: Yes.  Sit, paw, stay, spin.

Meet Simba!

Simba is 4 years old.

Simba is a very playful, attention loving pup, who adores his humans and the playful side of people and dogs.

Simba is high energy, loves to play, and very inquisitive. He loves opening doors, so much so that his current owners changed their door handles to door knobs!

Simba is keen to please, and knows his commands including sit, wait, paw and spin. He’s also vocal with his little woo woos; showing his affection for owners, or just to instigate play. Simba is brilliant when outside the house with commands while on walks.

Simba is crate trained, and can be happily left alone whilst in his crate with no destruction.

Simba is used to children, he likes a little kiss, sniff and is happy in their company.

Simba is eager to please, loves human affection, and doggy attention. He will easily fit into any home.


You do not need to have Husky experience to become a STARS home but you do need plenty of knowledge so please research the breed if you haven’t already, if you would like to chat with us about the breed or just show off your own dogs head over to our Forum!

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