Name : Shadow

DOB:  15/11/2011

Likes :  Sleeping, spending time with people.

Dislikes : Food bowls, mops & brushes and being alone.

Status : Available for adoption

Location: Durham

Please note – location isn’t an issue, transport is provided across the country.

Entire: No, neutered.

Children : No, older children only 12+

House trained: Yes 

Shadow loves company and just being with people, he’s not really much of a player, he likes to just sit and watch people although he is known to play from time to time, he can be a bit of a wind up with other dogs at times and he is dominant in some circumstances, although he hasn’t shown this at all in his foster home where the other dogs are also dominant.

He doesn’t like being on his own at all, he’s always been used to contact in his life when he needs / wants it so it’s hard him to be on his own. He can be destructive if left alone without a human or another dog. Shadow has been crate trained whilst in rescue and will happily relax in his crate when needed.   Whilst being in foster Shadow has settled amazingly and does find comfort with having other dogs around when his humans can’t be.
Shadow is currently receiving behavioural training after coming in to rescue with severe food aggression/guarding of his food bowl. 
Shadow will take treats perfectly but his problems are around his food bowl, he WILL snap if you try and place your hand in or around his bowl so must be left alone to eat if using a bowl, Shadow is currently being hand fed and shows no aggression being fed this way, his issues stem entirely from the food bowl so if this is removed so is his need to protect his food, Shadow should be fed without a bowl in the future to manage this situation. 
If Shadow does have a bowl he should be left alone completely whilst eating (no dogs or humans) and he MUST be removed from the room before anyone else enters to remove his bowl, his bowl should never be left down after eating.
Whilst in training Shadow doesn’t have any food aggression/guarding issues but this is something you MUST be willing to work with and listen to the advice given by STARS and Shadow’s trainer.
Shadow is quite fearful of a Mop/sweeping brush, he will growl and bite them if he is around them so he needs to be relaxing in his crate whilst you are cleaning the floors.
Other than this Shadow is described as the softest, sweetest fluffball ever met! This boy just wants to be loved and to love you in return.
If you would like to be Shadow’s human
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