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We do require the home to have a  fully secured back garden.

The reason for this is that it means the individual would be required to take the dog out on a lead every time the dog needs the toilet/to go outside. (Put it this way, huskies would rather have a turnstyle than a door as they like to be in and out that often!) Shared gardens are a no-no as it means relying on those that share with you to close gates/gardens securely each time they leave it.

Therefore, unfortunately we will not rehome to people that live in a flat with no garden/shared garden access.

6ft fences!

As you may, or may not, know huskies are escape 6ftartists! As such we will not rehome to properties
where the fences are lower than 6ft.







If your fencing is just short, the best way to gain the extra height, for minimal effort/cost is to nail trellis to the top of your fence.








If anything is near your fence, that reduces the height of it, these must be moved as they will use them as an escape route! This could include bins, picnic tables, outdoor storage that is not 6ft tall.








No Small Furries!

Huskies have a very high prey drive. Because of this, we will not rehome to anyone that does not agree to keep their small animals separate.

This includes cats! 


squirrel catchMost dogs do get along with cats, and you may think that it’s unfair to ‘tar all huskies with the
same brush’ however, we have heard sufficient heartaches where huskies and cats have grown up together, and suddenly things change and the cat gets seriously injured or killed – We won’t take this risk.




If you have small dogs (i.e. chihuahuas) we will ensure that we do not rehome a dog with you that has not been tested around small dogs.


NO Off lead!

We do not allow any of our dogs to go to a home that will not keep their husky on lead at all times (unless in a fully secure area with high fences/no chance of getting out). Our insurance doesn’t permit this; and given the nature of huskies, their prey drive, and desire to run, it is simply a no, no. 


Farmers have the right to shoot your dog on sight, if off lead and they have reasonable grounds to believe they are a danger to their livestock.






We have seen too many dogs seriously injured or killed due to the ‘I know my dog best’ attitude; that most, unfortunately, will not take notice of until the worst happens to their own pets. Not only can the dog cause serious damage to itself, but also put road users at risk; that could cause serious damage or fatality to other people/children.


If we haven’t put you off, and you agree to the above terms and conditions, then please feel free to complete our homecheck form and a member of the admin team will be in touch shortly!

Please be aware, standard adoption fees are £200; however we may request a contribution towards transport costs incurred to get your new family member to you.


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