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Relinquish a Dog

We understand how hard it can be at times to part with your beloved pet; and similarly how circumstances can change within your personal situation.

Please be aware, before submitting your relinquish form, given the amount of dogs that are currently being asked to be taken in by rescue; we cannot guarantee that we will be able to take your dog in any time soon, if at all, but we will try to do what we can to help.

Our initial contact with you will be in the hope to give you guidance and assistance to allow you to keep your dog where possible.  We are a  Siberian Husky rescue so we cannot help Alaskan Malamutes unfortunately.

We would however advocate that you do not advertise your dog on Gumtree, or similar selling sites; especially free to a good home. The reasons for this, is that dog baiters, dog pedlars, or unforgiving back yard breeders trawl these sites to obtain dogs for cheap. At the very worst your dog could end up severely abused and/or killed.

Please give detailled and frank information in the fields as requested, the more information you give us the better so that we can find the perfect home for your dog.  You MUST also include clear photos of your dog that do not contain people and are not screenshots.   We will quite often need more photos or information on your dog, if you do not provide this please be aware that the search for a home for your dog may cease, we cannot help if you are not helping us.

If we cannot accommodate your request, please consider contacting one of the various other Siberian Husky rescues including: SHARE Rescue, REACH, 8 Below, HEART Welfare, Huskies in Need, SHCGB, Saints Sled Dogs, Howls for Help, SHWA or Sibes and Sled Dogs.

Please note – Relinquishing your dog is permanent, we do not take dogs in on a temporary basis nor provide boarding.  The dogs relinquished in to our care will legally become the responsibility/property of Stars Rescue and we alone will be responsible for re-homing the dog to a suitable approved home. We will not return the dog to you months down the line, they have already suffered the trauma of being removed from your family and home once we would not put them through the ordeal or returning again

Relinquish a Dog Form.

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