Is it ever acceptable to allow a child to sit on a dog?

Tweet We all love our children and we love our dogs too! So how do we find a balance that integrates fur kids with our human kids?  The priority for most dog owners is to teach the dog how to behave around children but many never teach the children how to behave around dogs.  …

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Breeding – Is it right or wrong?

TweetIf you’re part of dog/animal groups, you’ve probably seen the ongoing debate regarding ‘the right to breed‘. I’m sure everyone appreciates the work that rescues do, but don’t understand the actual commitment, effort and heartache that goes into rescue work. As you’ll hear time and time again: ‘A dog is for life’; the words that appear to have…

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Travelling with Dogs – Accident Prevention

Tweet Within a rescue that operates throughout the United Kingdom this is one thing that we need to be aware of; as all of our dogs; at some point, will travel via vehicle to their foster/forever home.   According to the RAC: “more than one in four (27%) dog-owning motorists may unwittingly be breaking the…

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