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Name : Keeko

DOB:  8.12.2016

Likes : Walkies and playing

Dislikes : Being alone

Status : Available for adoption

Location: Midlands

Please not location is not an issue, all of our dogs can live throughout England, Scotland & Wales once a home check has been passed.

Keeko is 9 months old, he isn’t yet neutered but will be before he goes to his forever home, he is a typical bouncy pup, he is learning that he needs to take treats nicely instead of in a hurry so you will need to keep this training up with him, he is currently being taught to walk to heal and does walk very well but like most Huskies he will pull when he sees doggies!

Keeko has never lived with children but is excellent with them when they visit!

Keeko adores playing with other dogs and the only thing he doesn’t like is car journeys! He loves a fuss from people and is always very happy to see you.

He currently lives in a large pack so is more than happy to live with other dogs!

If you can offer a forever home for Keeko you need to apply to by filling in this form and we will be in touch within a few days via phone or email so make sure your details are correct

You do not need to have Husky experience to become a STARS home but you do need plenty of knowledge so please research the breed if you haven’t already, if you would like to chat with us about the breed or just show off your own dogs head over to our Forum!

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