Husky Rescue



Name : Jenson

DOB:  5/10/ 2007

Likes : Walkies, affection

Dislikes : Offlead dogs

Status : Available for foster 

Location: Mansfield

Entire: Yes, he needs to be neutered in foster

Children : No, Jenson hasn’t lived with children 

House trained: Yes but can have some accidents

Meet Jenson, this boy is urgently looking for a foster home as he is too much for his owner, Jenson was rescued by his current owner in good faith from a bad situation without realising what a hard breed Huskies can be to care for (just for being Huskies!).
He is 10 years old and hasn’t had the best of lives, he has been passed from pillar to post to be used as a stud dog then discarded when he was no longer needed, he is a calm relaxed boy who absolutely loves attention, he can be a little bit wary of offlead dogs running at him but otherwise likes to play with other dogs.
Like most Huskies Jenson does have a high prey drive, as you can see from his photos this boy is overweight for his breed and this will need to be addressed with steady exercise which will massively improve his life.
Do you have the right home to allow this boy to have love and contentment for his retirement years? He has plenty of love left to give and thoroughly deserves happiness!
If you think you can give this big fluffy giant a home
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