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This gorgeous dude is still looking for his forever home!

Name : Shadow

DOB: 15/11/2011

Likes : Sleeping, spending time with people.

Dislikes : He doesn’t like sharing or being alone.

Status : Available for adoption

Location: Nottingham

Please note – location isn’t an issue, transport is provided across the country.

Entire: No, neutered.

Children : No, older children only 13+

House trained: Yes

Shadow loves company and just being with people, he’s not really much of a player he likes to just sit and watch people although he is known to play from time to time, he can be a bit of a wind up with other dogs at times and he is dominant in some circumstances, although he hasn’t shown this at all in his foster home where the other dogs are also dominant.

He doesn’t like being on his own at all, he’s always been used to contact in his life when he needs / wants it so it’s hard him to be on his own. He can be destructive if left alone without a human or another dog. He doesn’t like being locked away in a crate or locked in a room, he likes to have free roam of the home. Whilst being in foster Shadow has settled amazingly and does find comfort with having other dogs around when his humans can’t be.

He does suffer with food aggression and doesn’t like to share so he needs somebody who understands to give him his own area to eat and that bowls should be taken away when finished, treats similarly should be given only in this way. Shadow will take treats perfectly but his problems are around his food bowl, he WILL snap if you try and place your hand in or around his bowl so you must leave him alone to eat and remove the bowl after he has left the room , his bowl should never be left down after eating. This is a situation that is easily managed with the right steps in place!

A note from his foster home – When shadow came to us he found himself in the midst of an already established pack and he was a bit overwhelmed, but he found himself a quiet corner and made himself at home. He is not cage trained but when things get too much he will retreat to his ‘safe’ area. He takes the submissive role with our three huskies, Our youngest boy can be quite aggressive. Shadow has shown some signs of separation anxiety but seems to enjoy the company of other dogs if there are no humans about. Shadow does have food aggression over his own bowl.He is happy to sit and wait whilst you put it down but prefers to be left alone until he is completely finished.we have been removing the bowl as soon as possible with care as he can snap, however he takes an after walk treat with no problem at all. we are currently feeding him a Raw diet of mainly minced chicken and offal which he has had no digestive problems with. Shadow walks well on the lead he has a little pull to begin with but soon settles down to an easy pace.He has a little bit of an odd waddle which the vet thinks might be his hips as they seemed a bit tender when she looked him over although this has improved since he has been in foster and is getting more walks than he was in his previous situation.He walks well with 1,2,or three other dogs. he likes to roll in snow or smelly stuff. Shadow is a very hairy beast but does not mind a bit of a brush and when he rolled in something particularly smelly he did not object to being showered.Shadow loves a nice bit of sofa and has curled up with our girl on a few occasions – in fact he has been a complete gentleman with Tik – she came into season the week he arrived and he did not pester her at all. Shadow showed no aggression at the vet, although she did muzzle him because we were unsure of his reaction he had no problem with the muzzle.Not sure how he is with children but he has been ok with ones we have met on walks. No small furries as he has usual prey drive.This Guy is beautiful and affectionate, if i could handle the double walks he would be staying with us, someone is going to get an amazing dog

If you would like to be Shadow’s human
apply for a home check!

admin • 28/05/2018

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