Name : Cotto

Age: 9 years old

Likes : Belly rubs, walks, fetch, being talkative.

Dislikes : Small dogs and unknown dogs.

Status :  Under assessment

Location – Wolverhampton
Please note, location is not an issue, we provide transport once a home check has been passed.

Entire: No, spayed

Children : Good, very gentle with the 2 year old she lives with.

House trained: Yes

Basic commands: Yes. Sit, paw, stay.

Meet Cotto

Pre-rescue info below – to change as more is learned about Cotto in her foster home.

As Cotto isn’t getting many walks at the moment she is being a little monkey! When being exercised daily she is a good girl but as she is bored she is up to mischief and is also regularly stealing food  from the bin when given the chance when she is left alone, this behaviour is entirely new since her routine has changed so should stop once she gets back in a regular stimulating routine.

She adores her walkies so much that she will take herself off on an adventure if she gets the chance so you will need to keep an eye on this one! Cotto will open doors and jump fences when she gets the chance so doors will need to be kept locked and she must be supervised in the garden at all times.

Strangely for a Husky Cotto walks very well, she doesn’t pull and has had onlead training so will walk to heel when told to but will sometimes get ahead of herself.

She is a loving girl who loves being given affection, she adores people.

Whilst she has lived with other dogs in the past we feel she would be better suited to being an only dog as she does have some socialisation issues.

She needs careful introductions to other dogs, it appears Cotto wants to assert dominance over unknown dogs that she meets on walks, if they don’t like this Cotto will react.  Whilst being assessed she did walk by a garden with a barking dog and wasn’t bothered by this at all and these things can change between handlers but she will need some work and careful management on walks to keep everything stress free for all.  Cotto’s owners have specifically told us she is not good with small dogs so she will need to be kept away from them at all times.

If you have space in your heart and home for this laid back girl apply for a home check!


You do not need to have Husky experience to become a STARS home but you do need plenty of knowledge so please research the breed if you haven’t already, if you would like to chat with us about the breed or just show off your own dogs head over to our Forum!

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