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There are various ways to get in contact with us.

Volunteer – If you would like to volunteer; in any way, please complete the Volunteer Form.

Relinquish a Dog – If for whatever reason, you feel you can no longer keep your dog, please visit our Relinquish page.

The best way to do this is to contact us via email using the email icon found on the top banner of the page; or copy and paste our address to your email.

Alternatively, please use the Twitter/Facebook icons at the bottom of each page to find us on social media!

Whilst we do have a contact number this is NOT for the purposes of relinquishing a dog nor applying for a Home check, you need to fill in the relevant forms on our website for those, please do not call for information on dogs, all information will be found on our website under ‘Our Dogs’ however if you need advice on anything else give us a call! 0191 694 1002

We are aware of an issue surrounding our phone line at the moment, we are currently working with our provider to get this fixed.


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