Help Blue get a bigger bite!

Time to introduce you all to this little munchkin!

Please meet Blue  he came in to rescue on the 9th Feb at only 10 weeks old!

This gorgeous little boy was born blind and with an overshot jaw meaning he requires urgent surgery this week. He is booked in to be operated on and have teeth removed on Valentine’s day, his teeth are causing damage to his hard palate and stopping his jaw from growing with him as he ages.

Even with growth it may not properly correct his large overbite and regardless of this he is looking at further surgery once his adult teeth replace those that are to be removed as they are expected to be damaged when they come through.

When examined at the vets upon arrival it was also discovered that Blue has a retained testicle. Whilst he is very young and still has plenty of time for this to descend neuters on dogs with retained testicles can also cost quite a bit more than your average neuter and the recovery is harder on them too.

Blue does have some vision however at this stage it appears to be very limited, this makes for a very clumsy little pup who is having a tough time of things at such a young age!

We have had many requests to create a gofundme page so that people can donate towards this beautiful boys care. Those who know us are aware that we never beg for money. We always work hard at raising funds ourselves and will continue doing so, however Blue’s needs have to come before pride and we really do need some help turning this boys life around.

The current estimate for Blue’s care and surgeries is approx £1000 so please, if you can donate anything at all, every penny counts.

Let’s help Blue get a bite bigger than his bark!



admin • 12/02/2018

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