Name : Astro

DOB: 22/5/2013

Likes : Fuss, walks, carrots, meeting new dogs

Dislikes : Boisterous dogs, car journeys

Status : Urgently needing a foster home

Location: Wales

Please note, location is not an issue, after a home check has been passed and a dog matched to you transport is provided.

Neutered: Yes

Children : Older children only 11+

House trained: Yes

Basic commands: Yes. Sit, paw, stay.

Meet Astro, this gorgeous boy urgently needs a foster home.  Astro’s home situation has recently changed as his owners had a baby, Astro appears to be feeling slightly pushed out now he no longer gets as much attention as he is used to, he will also at times guard the baby from the other dog in the home when the baby is having a nap in the baby basket, Astro will growl at the other dog in the home to tell him to leave the baby alone.

Astro is good with other dogs and currently lives with another male Husky, he adores meeting new dogs when out on walks but he does seem to be nervous around boisterous/rough playing dogs.

Astro has not been brought up around children so doesn’t really know how to be around them, he has previously stolen food from a child’s hand as he doesn’t know this isn’t ok, as Astro isn’t happy with the baby situation in his current home and hasn’t lived with children before we will only rehome him with older children 11+

This lovely boy adores attention from people and will jump up to greet you and sing a song to you! He does like a good bark for attention too.  He will be your best friend forever if you feed him a carrot and he takes his treats nicely too.

He doesn’t like trips in the car but this could be down to over excitement as he does settle once he has had his walk/secure offlead play.  He also travels better when behind a dog guard in the boot with another dog.

Astro is crate trained, when he was a puppy he was destructive when left home alone but has been crated trained since 9 months old to eliminate this, he is used to being left home alone for a few hours a day with another dog.  He does suffer slightly from separation anxiety and doesn’t like to sleep away from his humans, he likes to be in the bedroom with you or he will cry all night long.

If you think you can offer this adorable boy the time and attention he craves apply for a home check!

Apply for a home check!

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